Flexi Plywood

It is the first choice for all those beaming imaginative ideas with bends and curves. It meets all the curvaceous requirements. Usually, it bends at a certain radius and is very friendly to use. Carpenters can curve and bend Flexi Ply with ease without the use of any specialized tool. Flexi Ply sheet can easily be bent by hand. Shapes can be formed without labour and intensive effort. No special equipment is required to bend fabricate.


  • A bend radius as little as 25mm, makes this product ideal for light radius work
  • Curves and forms can be produced in a fraction of time.
  • Complex multi –radial shapes can be created that would otherwise be virtually impossible
  • Hot water resistant


  • rounded pillars
  • curved beams
  • designer front desks
  • racks in retail showrooms
  • Spiral staircase
  • Yatch