Kofe Brown Bamboo Shuttering Ply

Kofe Brown Bamboo Shuttering PlySuperior grade film faced densified bamboo shuttering ply made from hand woven bamboo mats of selected species and treated with specially manufactured phenolic resin for longer durability and better performance. The sides are resealed to preserve moisture absorption and swelling.


  • Construction industry as concrete formwork for building bridges, tunnels, heavy industries, power plant, defence structures and other concrete structures etc.


  • Water resistant, heat resistant, termite and borer proof
  • Higher comparative and tensile strength properties than wood based shuttering ply resulting in using thinner bamboo shuttering applications
  • All glue layers of bamboo resulting in superior nailing and screw holding properties
  • Better surface protection by laying both sides with 300gsm of NFTC phenolic layer.
  • Higher load bearing capacity because of high internal bond strength.

Sizes:            2440 x 1220 mm or custom order up to 3353 x 1450 mm
Thickness:     12,16,19,25 mm
Weight:         30,34,36,38 & 42 kg in 12 mm 38 & 45 kg in 16 mm 52 & 60 kg in 19 mm 72 & 80 kg in 25 mm
Density:         0.75 to 1.20 gm / cm3