Kofe Brown Bamboo Metal Enforcement Ply

Due to metal enforcement this densified bamboo ply does not bend it has high load bearing capacity. During the manufacturing of Metal Reinforced Ply, sheets of metal wires are assembled in between the layers of bamboo mats and it is bonded with especially manufactured PF resin under high-pressure 3000 MT hydraulic press.


  • Flooring for heavy commercial vehicles, automobiles, railways wagons, containers and marine deck
  • Anti-skid flooring for Industries, warehouses and public places
  • Pallets for heavy industrial equipments and warehouses


  • Water resistant, heat resistant, termite and borer proof
  • Higher comparative and tensile strength properties than wood based product resulting in using thinner bamboo metal reinforced ply.
  • Better surface protection by laying both sides with 300gsm of NFTC phenolic layer
  • Higher load bearing capacity because of high internal bond strength

Thickness:   12, 16, 19 & 25 mm
:          2870 x 1143 mm  or custom order upto to 3353 x 1450mm
      0.95 to 1.25 gm/ cm3