Kofe Brown Bamboo Mat Board and Ply

Kofe Brown Bamboo Mat Board and PlyEco-conscious world-class Bamboo Mat Board (BMB) & Ply are made from hand woven bamboo mats from selected bamboo species and treated with specially manufactured phenolic resin (PF) for longer durability and better performance.


  • Interior & Exterior Panels for ceiling, partitions, walls, door, window, frame for Prefabricated Housing
  • Decorative Furniture
  • Decorative Panels for Home, Office, Marine, Cottage, Army Shelter, School, Hospital, Hotel etc.


  • Water resistant, heat resistant, termite and borer proof.
  • Higher comparative and tensile strength properties than wood ply boards which results in using thinner BMB.
  • Lower finishing cost as BMB face have natural herringbone pattern design which gives better aesthetic looks.
  • Higher load bearing capacity because of high internal bond strength.

Sizes:          1830 x 1220 mm, 2440 x 1220 mm
Thickness:   3, 4,6,9,12,16,19,25,32 mm