Kofe Brown Bamboo Compreg Ply

Kofe Brown Bamboo Compreg  PlyBamboo Compreg is a premium grade resin impregnated compressed /densified bamboo laminates ply with superior mechanical strength comparable metallic alloys. It is manufactured under extremely high pressure with especially manufactured thermosetting polymerized PF resin, available in three grades namely Electrical, Chemical and General grade.


  • Flooring and paneling for rail coaches and marine industry
  • Precision patterns and dies for pattern shops and foundries, jigs and fixtures, stamping and forming of sheet metals.
  • Tooling for aircraft and shipping industry
  • Security & Defense related applications
  • Framework for heavy construction of bridges, tunnels, power plants and heavy industries
  • Insulators for heavy electrical transformers
  • Shield for nuclear plants.

Thickness:   4 to 32 mm
Size:           600 to 3353 mm in length 600 to 1450 mm in width
Density:      0.95 to 1.4 gm/cm3