Kofe Brown Bamboo Chequered Ply

Kofe Brown Bamboo Chequered PlyBamboo Chequered Ply can be counted as one of the best transportation purpose ply. The ply has a chequered pattern on its surface for anti-skid properties. Because of high pressure Hydraulic Press, the panel develops great density that sustains the rigorous of flooring in public & industrial use


  • The basic purpose of making this ply which is anti-slip and anti-skid is to accommodate it in the application of flooring especially in heavy vehicles, passenger vehicles and large containers.


  • Water resistant, heat resistant, termite and borer proof.
  • Higher comparative and tensile strength properties than wood based products resulting in using thinner bamboo chequered ply.
  • Better surface protection by laying both sides with 300gsm of NFTC phenolic layer.
  • Higher load bearing capacity because of high internal bond strength.

Thickness:       12, 16, 19& 25 mm
Weight:           32 & 36 Kg in 12 mm, 38 & 44 Kg in 16 mm
Sizes:              2440 x 1220 mm or custom order upto 3353 x 1450 mm
Density:           0.845 to 1.20gm/ cm3